What’s Happening Now

Road to Resilience

October 1 – 31

A four-week resilience, stress, and self-care challenge that will set you up for success in facing life’s challenges. Each week, you will learn about core aspects of resilience and set small goals to improve your health. Register by September 30!

Achieve. Earn. Thrive.

Welcome to Vincentian’s Thrive for Wellness

A multi-dimensional wellness program designed for all Vincentian employees.

How It Works

Participate in a wide variety of health and wellness activities to earn points that translate to actual dollars. Complete preventative screenings, dental and eye exams, and more to get rewarded for prioritizing your well-being.

Why Thrive?

When we care about our health and wellness, all aspects of our lives improve. Vincentian makes it fun and rewarding to get into the groove of a healthy lifestyle, which benefits both your well-being and your paycheck.

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Access wellness resources and programs to support your healthiest lifestyle. Register for health programs, campaigns and events. Explore the many opportunities to understand and improve your health.
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Complete Your FREE Biometric Screening

Get your annual physical exam, biometric-lipid screenings, both free to Vincentian employees!Schedule Quest Biometric Screening

Resources for You

Need Help, Try Talking with a Health Coach

UPMC Health Plan members and Thrive Wellness Only members have free access to UPMC health coaches. Call 1-866-778-6073 (TTY: 711) or log in to MyHealth OnLine to chat with a coach.

Get Healthy & Earn Monetary Rewards

All employees, whether a member of UPMC’s health plan through Vincentian or not, can earn up to $325.  Employees with a spouse covered on Vincentian’s UPMC health plan can earn up to $400.

Why You Need a Primary Care Provider

Delaying preventative care or avoiding regular checkups could set you up for some unexpected health complications in the future. A Primary Care Provider can also help you manage serious medical conditions, like high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes.

LifeSolutions® Employee Assistance Program

LifeSolutions assistance program can help you balance your work and personal needs to become healthier, happier, and more productive.

RxWell Mobile App

No matter what part of your lifestyle you want to work on, the RxWell mobile app has a path for you. Use the RxWell app to get support for stress, anxiety, depression, weight management, nutrition, and physical activity.

Lunch & Learn

Earn 10 Wellness Credits toward the $50 Health Education incentive

Once a month, join us for a free 30-minute webinar to unlock the secrets of a healthy diet, exercise, stress, and so much more.

Next Webinar

Warming up for Winter
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
1:30 – 2:00 p.m. EST

Link will go live the day of the webinar.